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Driveway Overlays Long Island

Asphalt overlay installation specialists for Long Island. Why replace your old driveway when you can resurface it with a new blacktop or overlay and save thousands of dollars?

Asphalt Overlays Long Island
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Asphalt Overlay and Blacktops Long Island

Asphalt Overlay and Blacktop Long IslandIf only a tiny portion of your asphalt driveway or laneway shows signs of age — but not enough for a replacement to be needed — then an asphalt overlay could solve your problem and save you the larger expense of completely replacing it.

A driveway overlay is a layer of new asphalt applied over the existing base layer of asphalt or concrete on a driveway.

Here at Fairpave Home Improvements, we provide a comprehensive service for installing new overlays on your old asphalt or concrete driveways. Asphalt overlays or blacktop, as commonly referred to, provide a cost-effective solution for renovating your driveway.

If the driveway is in good condition, why would you spend extra money on replacing the surface, especially the base, when you can have a new overlay fitted right on top of it?

We will chip out around the original driveway perimeter line and patch any areas on the driveway that require reinforcing. The chipping out around the driveway ensures that the new asphalt blacktop can finish at the same level as the previous surface to surrounding areas such as the pavement or the house entrance.

Want us to construct a new driveway? Make sure to visit our asphalt driveway installation services in Long Island or our interlock paver driveways in Long Island to see more examples of the types of driveway work we can do.

To learn more or to get a free estimate for resurfacing your old driveway with a new asphalt overlay in Long Island, call Fairpave Home Improvements on (631) 290-0205.




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